List of Laboratories

Name of the Laboratory Pictures

Electronic Devices Lab /AEC Lab/EE – I /BE Lab

Dual trace CRO 30MHz analog 8)

Electronic Workshop and

Basic Circuits/ BE/EC/EE – II Lab

Dual trace CRO 30MHz analog (7)

Communications Lab

Systems and Signal Processing Lab/VLSI lab


Digital Storage Oscilloscopes 50MHz (12)

Digital Signal Processing Lab

MicroWave Engineering Lab

Microwave work benches with klystron tube(8)

Microwave work benches with Gunndiode(2)

Power meter Advance Antenna training system

Horn antenna

MPMC Lab/Embedded Systems Lab

8086 Microprocessor kits(14)

8051 Micro controller kits(14)

Interfacing devices Desktop Systems(12)

Details of Laboratories

Additional facilities in Laboratories