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Training Programs

Students attending CRT        Students participating in JAM session       Group Discussion

For BE IV Year students: Employability Skills, Computer fundamentals, Programming, Technical Skills & Company specific training.

  • BE II & III Year students:
  1. Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) on Quant, Logical and Verbal aptitude.
  2. Online/Offline Assessment Platform.
  • BE I, II, III & IV Year students:
  1. Personality development classes
  2. Sessions on employability skills
  3. Mock GDs and mock interviews
  4. Guest Lectures by Alumni and Industry experts
  5. Certification courses

We have been partnering with the following organizations and have taken initiative to improve the employability of the students.

  1. IEEE-Forum, Hyderabad Section-Skill Connect Programme.
  2. Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) for training including certification courses like CISCO Networking, IT Essentials and Oracle Database design.
  3. M/s. CoCubes for online & offline assessments
  4. M/s. ReferenceGlobe – a platform for practicing assessments on aptitude & technical skills
  5. M/s. CodeTantra for computer programming & coding skills
  6. Spoken Tutorial Project-IIT Bombay for IT/Software Courses Tutoring/Training prograM.
  7.  M/s. Career Path Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for personality development and soft skills