As per the section 4 of sexual harassment of women at work place ( Prevention and Prohibition and Redressal Act, 2013) an Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) has been constituted with the following office bearers and members in our college.

S. No. Position Designation Name of the Staff
 1  Chairman  Associate Professor, S&H  Dr. Y. Aparna
 2  Member  Principal  Dr. D. Hanumantha Rao
 3  Member  Assistant Professor, Civil  Mrs. B. Udayasree
 4  Member  Assistant Professor, ECE  Mrs. A. Narmada
 5  Member  Physical Director   Mr. K. V. S. Harish
 6  Member  Non Teaching  Ms. S. Udaya Sri
 7  Member  Student  Ms. Satvika

The above committee will deal with common problems faced by the women in the campus.

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