As per the AICTE notification No.PG/07/(01)/2012 & Establishment of Mechanism or Grievance redressal (Regulations, 2012,F.No. 37-3/ Legal/2012,dated 25.05.2012), the Grievance Redressal Committee is constituted in the college for the purpose of addressing the grievances of Students, Parents and others. .


To provide opportunity for redressal of certain grievances of the students enrolled in the college and maintain good relations and the harmony in the institute.

Composition of the grievance redressal committee (AY:2019-20)

S. No Name of the Member Position
1 Dr D Hanumantha Rao, Principal Chairman
2 Dr N.Srinivasa Rao, Professor in ECE Convener
3 Dr.Vijayapal Reddy, Professor in CSE Member
4 Dr T Shekaram, Professor & HOD of S&H Member
5 Mr. PVS Koteswara Rao,
Assoc Professor, CED
6 Mrs. Y. Aparna, Assistant Professor, S & H Member
7 Mr. Abhiram, Student, 3/4 Mech Member