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Quality Policy

We strive to be recognized as a centre of excellence and committed to continuously improve the quality of technical education by producing outstanding engineers willing to work to the spirit of challenge and innovation with high ethical and professional standards.

The ISO 9001 defines the areas common to all processes that affect quality performance and the procedures that should be in place to ensure that pre-set requirements are fully met in a controlled and measured way.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System of our college is a complete system standard that reduces various risks and enhances overall performance of institute and also strengthens the relationship with all students. In fact, by implementing quality management system, our college could effectively promote the Teaching-Learning Process.

ISO 9001 system emphasises on making every process accountable and error free. Basic quality management is a result of good practices. We, at MECS are proud to declare that we follow all applicable requirements with respect to Quality Management System and therefore our institute has been continuously certified for more than past 10 years.

Benefits of ISO 9001 Quality Management System Implementation-

  • Overhead and unwanted cost is reduced.
  • Completion of syllabus on time
  • Student satisfaction enhanced at all levels
  • Reduced complaints regarding performance
  • Services become more effective and efficient
  • Enhancement of Housekeeping standard
  • Prevention of Loss of energy & time