Sciences and Humanities

About Department

The Department of Sciences and Humanities is the gateway of Engineering Education. The Department of  Sciences and Humanities consists of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English disciplines. All the disciplines in the department exist as a separate division and maintain individual identity under single umbrella. The unique strength of the department is its excellent co-ordination in carrying out the academic responsibilities effectively.

The Head of the Department is Dr. T. Shekharam, M.Sc from JNTUH and Ph.D from Osmania University and has 26 years of teaching experience. There are 19 well-experienced faculty members in the department. 5 Doctorates in Mathematics, 3 Doctorates in Physics, 1 Doctorate in Chemistry, 2 Doctorates in English and almost all the other faculty members are pursuing Ph.D in various universities. The faculty plays a significant role in moulding and integrating human values and social concerns. The Teaching and Non-Teaching faculty closely monitor the holistic development of first year students, encourage and motivate them at the initial stages of opting the professional course.

The department has spacious and well-equipped laboratories in Physics, Chemistry and English. The department aims to transform the younger generation into responsible citizens and aspires to lead the budding engineers towards the path of success. It seeks to sustain and enhance excellence in an institution of higher learning of technology. It is committed to produce competent graduates with the required skills which are suitable for industry and also provide them with better communication skills for societal needs.

To give exposure to the students to the latest trends in the relevant subjects, the department organizes a series of guest lectures during every academic year. To keep abreast with the latest demands of the industry, the department strives to impart various skills like communication skills, technical skills, soft skills and essential life skills to the young aspirants of the institution.  The department is committed to provide innovative and high-quality instruction that empowers the students to become confident in facing both the professional and personal life challenges.