Class Incharges for AY: 2020-2021

Class Teachers for B.E. II-Semester

The following staff members are designated as Class Incharges of B.E. – II Semester for the academic year 2020-21. They are requested to keep track of the Student Attendance and alert the parents about the performance and attendance from time to time. They are also requested to be accessible to students and consult them. 

S. No. Class Name of the Class Teacher Contact No
1. CIV-A Dr. N Pavan Kumar 7702299587
2. CIV-B Mrs. R Madhavi 9550485096
3. CSE-A Dr. M Sreelatha 8985744250
4. CSE-B Mr. M Chandra Sekhar 9295701088
5. CSE-C Mrs. K. Sunitha 9652219159
6. ECE-A Mrs. K Sandhya 9440105884
7. ECE-B Dr. Y Aparna 9948336906
8 EEE Mr. I. Upendar 9440075655
9 MECH Mrs. K. Aruna Kumari 8074414441
10 IT Mr. T. Vishnu 9676172776