Governing Body (Autonomous)

The college is governed by the Governing Council for policy decisions and Executive Committee for day to day affairs. Sub-committees are formed for an in depth analysis of each issue / matter. Actual decision making rests with these committees which are later ratified / modified by the Executive Committee and Governing Council. The title of each Sub-committee is indicative of its functions.

Following are the details of Governing Body members for the period 2024-27

The Governing Council is the policy making body of the college and meets at least once in six months. All the actions taken by the administration is to be ratified by this council.

S. No.

Name Designation Composition


1 Sri P. V. R. Kashyap Chairman, MES Management (7 members) Chairperson
2 Dr. K. P. Srinivas Rao Secretary, MES Member
3 Sri R. Parthasaradhi Joint Secretary-II, MES Member
4 Sri T. Jitendranath Member, MES Member
5 Dr. K. Radha Kishan Rao Member, MES Member
6 Dr. K. Seetha Ram Babu  Vice Chairman-I, MES Member
7 Sri Sudhakar Jupudi Treasurer, MES Member
8 Dr. M. V. Kishore Professor, MED Teachers of the College (2 members) Member
9 Dr. Pallavi Akhil Khare Assoc. Prof, ECE Member
10 Ms B. Laxmi Nirmala Asst. Superintendent Establishment Section Administrative Officer / Senior Administrative Staff Member
11 Sri S. Gopinath Scientist `G’, DRDL Educationist /Industrialist Member
12 State Govt Nominee To be nominated by DTE Member
13 Prof. P. Laxminarayana Professor in Mechanical Engineering, OU University Nominee Member
14 Dr. D. Hanumantha Rao Principal Principal of the College Member Secretary