Matrusri Campus Connect

The objectives of Matrusri Campus Connect are closely unified to those of Osmania University and Matrusri Education Society as a whole. It reflects the eminence of compliance and commitment to improve MEC students as responsible citizens of our country by fostering Communication and Coordination among students and staff.

Matrusri Campus Connect Team aims
  •  To improve coordination and team building skills among the students.
  •  To encourage students for academic and professional awareness with greater facility through the real
     time experience.
  •  To make them aware how to handle formal and informal situations.
  •  To enable students to express themselves in various situations.
  •  To create awareness for Employability Skills and Placement Activities.
  •  To inculcate research skills to expand their knowledge from a variety of perspectives in core subjects and
     understanding technical terminologies and texts.
MCC Team proposes some specific strategies to achieve these goals:
  •  Involving students in Lectures, Seminar Presentations, and Group Discussions.
  •  Encouraging students for Creative and Technical Writing.
  •  Improving Professional Skills by creating awareness about Placements and Opportunities in India and
  •  Organizing various events Elocution, Debates, etc., for overall growth.
Matrusri Campus Connect can play a constructive role in the following activities
  •  Creating conducive environment for Placements and other Competitive Examinations.
  •  Conducting and organizing various curricular and co-curricular activities and events.
  •  Seeking students help during the big events like Fresher’s Day, Annual Day Celebrations, Conferences,
     Seminars, Workshops, Technical Quiz, etc.
  •  Organizing Personality Development Programmes for students.
  •  Documentation and publicity of various events and activities on the campus.
  •  Launching a blog
  • Creating a mobile alert mechanism for speedy information transfer with the help of students and staff.

MCC, right from its very inception has been an organization that was formed to bridge the gap between teachers and students, thereby promoting communication and coordination skills among students. It is also to give students real-time experience in handling different kinds of situations- formal and informal- to help bring about a wide range of awareness.

The governing body, along with the rest of the members, plans and organizes the various events that are to be conducted through the whole year.

The governing body of MCC is elected based on the amount and kind of work each member puts in, also taking into consideration the dedication they have towards it. The fourth years pass on the responsibility to the third years at the end of the first semester every year.

The third years take up the responsibility from the second semester through the first semester of their fourth year and then pass it on to their juniors.

The recruiting process of the first years is usually done in the month of October by the fourth years after they have consulted with the respective faculty. There is a faculty coordinator from each branch and the overall faculty coordinator is Dr. K. Sunil Manohar Reddy, who constantly guides and mentors students during event coordination.