Sateesh Kumar Kalakuntla (EEE) – the 1st batch of MCC (2011-2015)-Head
MCC will be a great asset for me throughout my life. I started MCC to bring all students under one platform and to revive the roots of MECS Campus life and make it a more enjoyable experience for the student community.

I learned how to run an organization with my thoughts and how to behave as Leader with no partiality in any matter. And even though I’m currently living in the US, I’m still connected to my juniors through MCC.

Amita Ram Kulkarni (CSE) – 4th batch 2014-2018 – Head

“I’m extremely grateful to have been able to channel the bright ideas of my incredible team as a Head of the group. MCC has been a significant part of my college life; the opportunities it gave    me, were very enriching and I always took inspiration from their innovative ideas and dedication. I was a person who used to cherish the events which were conducted, take part in them be elated and content. I never knew about the long list of prerequisites and the arrangements that one has to fulfil in order to organize an event. To all the batches in the act and upcoming, take great care of MCC and make your mark! “