Establishment of OBC Cell

The following committee is constituted to address the grievances for the students and faculty under the minority category of our institution. The composition is valid for a period of three years, i.e. 2019-2022.

S. No. Position Designation Name of the Staff
1. Chairman Principal Dr. D. Hanumantha Rao
2. Member Assoc. Professor, EEE Dr. P. Vasudeva Naidu
3. Member Assoc. Professor,  Mech Dr. M. Krishna
4. Member Asst. Professor, S&H Mr. T. Vishnu
5. Member Asst. Professor, EEE Ms. M. Saritha
6. Member Asst. Professor, CSE Ms. K. Shalini Singh
7. Member Asst. Librarian Mr. G. Manohar