College Library

Matrusri Engineering College Library has been emerging as a Knowledge Resource Centre mainly catering to the needs of the Faculty, Administrative Staff, Research Scholars and Students towards accessing information. Our library is housed in the Carpet area of 627 sqm with good infrastructure and ambience. There is a regular subscription to leading Newspapers, Magazines and Journals thereby augmenting the library as a rich source of knowledge. The feedbacks from users of the Library testify that they have always cherished memories of having availed the services of this treasure-house of knowledge in the past decades.

The Central Library of the college has a very rich collection of 25,452 volumes, some of which rare Engineering and Technology books. In addition, each department has a separate departmental Library.

The Library is fully computerized. It has an e-resource centre, a conference hall intranet based digital Library and digitized version of syllabus/question papers. The library has institutional membership with various libraries in twin cities. The library has manned by good number of highly qualified staff with computer and allied technical skills.


  • To provide a student-centered learning environment that facilitates transference of information and to cater to the needs of its users to access it.
  • To augment and maintain collections in support of the academic pursuits of the College.
  • Reprographic Services (photocopy facility at subsidized rates.)
  • To explore and implement innovative technologies and services to deliver information and scholarly resources, conveniently to users in the campus.
  • To provide well-equipped and functional physical spaces where students can pursue learning independently  beyond the classroom.


  • To provide comprehensive resources and services in support of research, teaching, and learning needs of the academic community.
  • To facilitate access to right Information at the right time in the right manner so as to produce productive citizens to this great nation in general and to our community in particular.
  • Putting technology to use innovatively for the flexible delivery of services and resources to users regardless of location within the campus

Library Committee

S. No. Name Position Designation
1 Dr. D. Hanumantha Rao Chairman PRINCIPAL
2 Dr. M. Venu Gopal Convenor Vice Principal
3 Dr. T. Shekharam Member Professor & HOD-S&H
4 Dr. G. Manohar Member Professor & HOD-Civil
5 Dr. P. Vijaya Pal Reddy Member Professor & HOD-CSE
6 Dr. N Srinivasa Rao Member Professor & HOD-ECE
7 Dr. G. Ravindranath Member Professor & HOD-EEE
8 Dr. M. V. Kishore Member Assoc. Professor & HOD-Mech
9 Mr. G. Manohar Member Asst. Librarian

Functions of Library Committee

      • To work towards modernization and improvement of Library and documentation service.
      • To formulate policies and procedures for efficient use of library resources.
      • To review Library readership department-wise.
      • To prepare budget and proposals for the development of the Library.
      • To identify the requirement of the Library Books, Periodicals and Journals etc., for procurement.
      • To seek feedback and library functions from readers.