Library Facilities

Sections of the Library

Reception / Property Counter Reference Section
Circulation Section Reading Hall
Librarian Office Digital Library
Reprographic Section E-Learning Centre
Stack Area Back Volume Section
Book Bank Section College Magazine and Calendar
Syllabus Latest Collections
Old Question Papers News Paper Section
Online Public Access Catalogue Periodical  Section


Library circulation or library lending comprises the activities around the lending of library books and other material to users of a ​lending library​. A circulation or lending department is one of the key departments of a library. Circulation section is the heart of the library. This section acts ​as a bridge between the user and the documents. The circulation section and its functions are automated using the library management software NewGenLib. Each student can take 7 books for each semester. Each book can be renewed up to two times to each student.

Multimedia Systems: 02

Software: NewGenLib​Barcode

Printer: 01

​Barcode Readers: 02


The periodical section is the place where the primary, secondary and tertiary sources of current information can be found in journals, magazines and newspapers. Both international and national journals are available in this section. Newspapers of ​English and Telugu are displayed in a revolving rack for the users daily. Readers have access to a wide range of journals, magazines, newspapers and topics of relevant interest. Current issues are properly displayed in the shelves. Collections in this section are used in the library only and Photocopying of materials may be requested.

  • National Journals: 50
  • International Journals: 19
  • Technical Magazines: 12
  • complimentary periodicals,
  • Newspapers : 6
  • Seating Capacity: 25


The​ Library maintains a separate reference collection consisting of encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc. Reference books are marked “For Reference only”.

  • The collection marked under references is to be used with in the section.
  • The section will be kept open from 9.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on all working days.
  • Readers may approach the Reference Desk for information or any assistance in the use of the reference collections.
  • Volumes: 2575
  • Multimedia Systems: 01
  • Seating Capacity: 64

OPAC (Online Public Access catalogue)

  • The catalogue is automated using the NewGenLib software through the OPAC Section.
  • OPAC is a register of all bibliographic items found in Library.
  • It is an online database of materials held in Library.
  • To enable a person to find a book of which either Author, Title, Subject and number of books borrowed by a reader.
  • The users can search the books available in the library using this ​OPAC section.
  • The circulation status of the searched book is mentioned in the search results.
    • The bibliographic details like edition, year of publication, subject, keywords, etc. are entered into the software.
    • The details entered in this section are indexed on various fields like Author; Title, Subjects, Departments, Keywords, etc., and can be retrieved through the OPAC service.
    • Cataloguing helps the user to find the right resource for their needs and also saves the time in finding the right resource


    1. Reprographic services shall be provided to the users on demand
    2. ​Charges for Xeroxing shall be Rs.1/- per exposure for A-4 size copy.
Xerox Machine : 01
Multimedia System : 01


Students belonging to S.C/S.T can also avail this Book Bank facility. The books are Supplied by the Government of Telangana, Department of Social Welfare under the Integrated Scheme of Social Welfare for SC/ST. Under this scheme the students of SC/ST are given a set of textbooks at the beginning of each semester and at the end of four years a set of books will be handed over to the benefiters.

Career Guidance Services

  • Procurement of more number of Competitive Exam Books.
  • Subscription to more Magazines for Competitive Exams.
  • Display of notices from TSPSC, UPSC, RRB, SSC, BSRB etc.,

Departmental Libraries

In addition to central Library, each department has separate departmental Libraries. The following number of books available in departmental libraries.

Sl. No


No. of Volumes


Civil Engineering



Computer Science and Engineering



Electronics & Communication Engineering



Electrical and Electronics Engineering



Mechanical Engineering



Applied Sciences




Our library is offering following value added services

  • Book Circulation Service
  • OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) facility
  • Journal and Magazine Section
  • News paper-clippings Service
  • Career Guidance Display
  • Free Internet Facility
  • Previous Question Papers
  • E-Question Papers
  • Project for Reference
  • Back issues of Journals / Magazines for Reference
  • Front Office Services

Innovative Services

  • Digital Library Section
  • E-Learning Centre
  • Reprographic Services
  • Print out facility for both Staff and Students
  • Library Orientation
  • Stack Area Guidance

Existing Facilities

  • Book Bank (Our library has Book Bank facility with a good collection of books that serves the deserving students).
  • Reprographic Services (photocopy facility at subsidized rates).
  • The Central Library is a Wi-Fi enabled place, where the staff & students can access subscribed and freely available online resources for their academic and research activities.
  • CCTV surveillance for added security and for automated monitoring of users.
  • R.O. Processed drinking water facility available in the library premises.

Institutional Membership