Department of Physical Education

Sports Committee

S. No. Name of the Faculty Designation Department
1. Dr. D Hanumantha Rao Principal                 –
2. K.V.S Harish Asst. Physical Director Physical Education
3. M. Aditya Seshu Asst. Professor Mechanical
4. V. Karunakar Reddy Asst. Professor ECE
5. Dr. K. Sunil Manohar Reddy Associate Professor CSE
6. Dr. M.Yuvaraju Asst. professor S&H
7. Chandrasekhar Asst. Professor S&H
8. A.Venkataiah Lab Assistant S&H
9. P.V Prasad Tech II Mechanical
10. K.Sanjeev Kumar Tech III EEE

Functions of the committee

      • To assist and encourage the students to participate actively in organizing and conducting indoor and outdoor games across various disciplines.
      • To make sure smooth conduct of sports events within the college.
      • To maintain record of sports and games events attended by students within the college, university and outside of the region/state.
      • Coordination with the Principal for:

Obtaining permission to hold sports events in college campus.

To recommend students to participate in various Inter College Tournaments.

To recommend sanction of registration fee to participate in various sports events.

To recommend attendance for the students who have taken part in sports events outside college campus.