Research and Consultancy

Research & Development and Consultancy Cell: Research & Development and Consultancy Cell is established to promote and facilitate R&D as well as Consultancy in the technical core and interdisciplinary areas in the college. The facility with act as a catalyst in creating R&D ambience and culture as an integral part of the functioning of each department and will be one of the drivers of future growth of the College to shape itself as a technical institution of national importance.

Functions of the Cell: Research and Development Cell is headed by a senior Professor in the department who has vast experience in industry and academics. The cell is well equipped with state of art Hardware Equipment and is recognized by ARM University and Texas Instruments. The cell is catering the needs of ECE, EEE, CSE and Mechanical Engineering department under graduate students needs for carrying out their projects. The R&D Cell organized the various functions / activities through sub-committees with departmental coordinators and / or faculty representatives.

Research, Development & Consultancy