List of Laboratories​​

Name of the Laboratory Pictures

Electrical Machines-I Lab

3-Ф rectifier unit(DC), Distribution panel board, 3KVA 1-Ф Transformer.

Electrical Machines-II Lab

3KVA 3-Ф Transformer, 3-Ф Auto Transformer/10A, 1-Ф Auto Transformer

Electrical Simulation Lab

MATLAB-13 software, DELL core processors.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

MATLAB-13 software, PL-TMS DSP 320C6475 Processor Kits

Circuits and Measurements Lab

3-Ф energy meter panel, 1-Ф energy meter panel, Bridges

Power Systems Lab

IDMT relay panelboard, Short,medium and Long Transmission model panel board

Power Electronics Lab

1-Ф Cycloconverter,1-Ф Coverter firing circuits, UJT firing circuits, SCR,MOSFET, IGBT kits

Linear Integrated Circuits Lab

Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Digital and IC trainer kits.

Control Systems Lab

Servo stabilizer, Digital storage Oscilloscope.