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Faculty Publications


     Design  of  Optimum  Sized  Rotor  of  A  BLDC  Motor  for  a  High  Performance Actuator” Indian journal of applied research Vol-5, Issue-3 March-2015 Scopus Indexed Journal UGC Approved 2249-555X

     Design  of  a high bandwidth  electromechanical  actuator for short duty flight applications” National  Journals  of Technology  Volume:  11    No.1  March-2015  Scopus Indexed Journal UGC Approved 0973-1334

     “Reconfiguration of Radial Distribution network using Tellegen’s theorem” International Journal of Research and scientific Innovations Volume III/ISSN-2321-2705 August 2016 UGC Approved 2321-2705

Dr. D.VenuMadhava Chary

    P-V Curve Method for Voltage Stability and Power Margin Studies” International Journal of engineering science and computing Volume 7 Issue 5 July UGC Approved 2321-3361


     Performance  and  analysis  of  3Ph  PWM  Inverter  with  fuzzy  interface  direct current controller” International journal of scientific Engineering and technology Vol-5, Issue-6, March 2016 UGC Approved 2319-8885

     Development of Remote Buttons in Android App (Bluetooth) To Control a Robo” International Journal of engineering science and computing Volume 7 Issue 7 June UGC Approved 2321-3361

P.Anil Kumar

     Protection Issues In Micro Grid” International Journal of Applied Control, Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IJACEEE) Volume: 1 UGC Approved 2394-0816

     Comparison of Different Multilevel Converter Strategy for Induction Motor Drive Application” International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends  in Computing and Communication Volume: 2 Issue: 7 UGC Approved 2321-8169

     Simulation of Five Level Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverter” International  Journal  on  Recent  and  innovation  trends  in  computing  and communication. Volume 5  Issue 7 July UGC Approved 2321-8169

M.V Subramanyam

     SPWM Techniques  in closed loop Control of five level Inverter fed three phase Induction motor “ The IUP Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering  Volume:7 No. 4 Scopus Indexed Journal UGC Approved 0974-1704

     SPWM Techniques in Open Loop and Closed Loop Control of Induction Motor” International  Journal  of  computer  science  Volume  5  Issue  7  July  UGC Approved 2321-5992

P. Kishor

     GSM technique applied to pre-paid energy meter” International  Journal  of  computer  science  Volume  5  Issue  7  July  UGC Approved 2321-5992

M Srinivas Reddy

     Simulation of solar PV array using MATLAB/SIMULINK” International journal of creative Research Thoughts Volume 6 Issue 1 Feb UGC Approved 2320-2882

M.Praveen Reddy

    Minimizing Harmonic Distortion In Multilevel Inverters Using Bacteria Foraging Algorithm” International journal on Recent and Innovations trends in computing and communication. Volume 5 Issue 6 July UGC Approved 2321-3361


    Design and Analysis of FACTs Devices with Performance Evaluation” International journal of scientific engineering and technology research Volume 6 Issue 17 May UGC Approved 2319-8885


    Design and Analysis of Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of Switches using Multicarrier SPWM Techniques” International  Journal  on  Recent  and  innovation  trends  in  computing  and communication. Volume 5 Issue 6 July UGC Approved 2321-8169