FDPs/Workshops/Seminars/Webinars Organized


Name of Seminar/Webinar Date Name of the Speaker


1 How to Build the Foundations in Java 17-04-2021 Abdul Bari  Director, AB Pvt Ltd
2 Discover New Modern Techniques in IT 28-06-2021 Phalguna Kumar Rachoor  Full Stack DeveloperCompro-Tecture ,Inc
3 Pitching event for pocs developed & linkage with innovation ambassadors for mentorship support 25-08-22 Ms Annie Vijaya  
4 Process of innovation development and technology readyness level (TRL)& Commerciliation of lab technologies and Tech-Transfer 03-08-2022 Mr G.V.Prasnna Kumar  
5 Solving Bussiness problems and decision making using data analytics 09-06-2022 Mr Singam Ravibabu