Entrepreneur Development Cell

Every year thousands of graduates are being produced in our country. But there is lot of mismatch between job seekers and job providers. In order to bridge the gap and generate entrepreneurs numerous initiatives are undertaken at country level and state level by government and other private institutions. Entrepreneurs play a vital role in nation building. All developed countries show that development is effect of entrepreneurship.  With right type of training and motivation entrepreneurs can be developed. With this motto college has started an entrepreneur development cell on 28/10/2014.

Basic objective of this cell is to promote entrepreneurship / Self-employment among students. Cell’s motto is to nurture and develop necessary entrepreneurship skills among students. It is to guide the budding entrepreneurs on various aspects such as preparing project reports, obtaining project approvals, loans and facilities from agencies of support systems and information on technology etc.

E-Cell was established in the year 2014-2015 with the support of competent authority of the College. Interested student and faculty members from each department are involved in the E-Cell with strong spirit and innovative idea so that the college creates entrepreneurs every year.

On Overall Perceptive, Matrusri Engineering College has conceptualized entrepreneurship in a scientifically proven way to assist students in transforming their ideas into startups & ventures at an early stage of their educational career.

ED Cell Committee

Sl. No Name of the Faculty Designation Department EDP Cell Coordinators
1 Dr. D. Hanumantha Rao Principal Chairman EDP Cell
2 Mr. V. Harinath Asst.Prof Chief Coordinator
3 Mr. V. Vinay Kumar Asst.Prof CSE
4 Mr. P. Prashanth Asst.Prof CIVIL
5 Mr. P. Ravi Kumar Asst.Prof ECE
6 Mr. M. Praveen Reddy Asst.Prof EEE
7 Mr. Sampath Siddam Asst.Prof Mechanical
8 Mr. K. V. Sai Pavan Asst.Prof Mechanical

ED Cell objective

  • To inculcate the entrepreneurial culture into student minds.
  • To liaison with departments like MSME, NSIC, DIC to promote Entrepreneurship
  • To act as knowledge centre for Entrepreneurship.
  • To prepare the platform for the students to take up the entrepreneurship as a career.
  • To train, guide, motivate and encourage the engineering students towards another avenue called entrepreneurship
  • To disseminate knowledge of entrepreneurship development
  • To create environment for innovation, self-employment, incubation, and entrepreneur development through conducting seminars & workshops.
  • To establish a platform for effective interactions among existing and budding entrepreneurs.
  • To give requisite inputs for starting a successful venture like technical know-how, acquiring financial assistance, licensing.