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Engineering events conducted in association with IEI Student chapter in 2019-2020

Engineering Events for 2017-18

S. No. TOPIC Type of Event Resource Person Dates Targeted Audience No. of Participants
1. Defects in Structural Design Guest Lecture Mr. B. Bhanu Prasad Asst Prof MRIT Hyd 17/8/2017 III,IV 50
2. Personality Development Seminar Sri Swamy Bhodhamayamanda J.I,
Director, VIHE R.K.matt
18/8/2017 I,II,III,IV 150
3. Er Maturi Gopala Rao Endowment Lecture on Transportation Engineering Endowment Lecture Er.Nagabhushanam, in association with IEI, Hyd 9/9/2017 I,II,III,IV 170
4. Failure of Structures due to Earthquake Guest
Dr. A. Vimala Prof, Anurag Institute of Technology. C.V.S.R-Hyd 15/9/2017 III,IV 70
5. Constructional Methods in SEASHORA” Areas Guest lecture Prof. M. Venugopal MVSR Engineering College, Hyd. 15/10/2017 III,IV 50
6. Contract Administration & Management Seminar Prof. Vinod Nakre, RITES, New Delhi 19/1/2018 III,IV 50
7. Consultancy Works in Civil Engineering Seminar Er. Md Fyrasit Imarat Consultancy Services, Hyd 20/1/2018 III,IV 50
8. National Trends Science Engg & Tech Conference Department of Civil Engg 02 & 03 /2/2018 IV 10
9. “Challenges and Opportunities in Civil Engineering” Seminar Sri S.B.Shanker Rao (Rtd. Walantari)JMG Institute 12/2/2018 I,II,III,IV 160
10. National Science Day celebrations on Advancement of Science and Technology in India Seminar C. Ayush Ji CEO 27/2/2018 I,II,III,IV 150
11. “Condition Assessment of Concrete Buildings” Seminar Prof. V. Bhikshma, UCE, Osmania University 08/3/2018 II,III,IV 100
12. Modern Surveying Techniques using Work Shop Perbo Infra Structure Ltd. 27/4/18 & II,III,IV 40

Engineering Events for 2016-17

S. No. TOPIC Type of Event Organized by/ Resource Person Dates Targeted Audience No. 0f Participants
1. Seminar on STAAD PRO Seminar Er. Md Fyrasit Imarat Consultancy Services, Hyd. 13/7/2016 III,IV 50
2. Hands on Work Shop Engineering Graphics using Auto CAD Work Shop Prof. A.Vasan, BITS, Hyd 21/7/16 to
I,II 55
3. Swamy Vivekananda 154th Anniversary Seminar Sri. AyushJi, C.E.O ADROITEC,
Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
12/1/2017 I,II,III,I V 150
4. “Primavera Software-Project management Techniques” Seminar Imarat Consulting Services 15/2/2017 III,IV 35
6. Failure of Foundation due to Earthquake Technical Tocks Dr. K.Madhusudhan Reddy, Prof, CVR College of Engg Hyd 12/03/2017 IV 42
7. Technical talk on Mix Design Concrete for professional skill Seminar Prof.M. Venugopal MVSR Engineering College, Hyd. 15/3/2017 III,IV 60
8. “Waste Water Management” (Canal Irrigation ) Guest Lecture G.Surender, Retired Director Walamthari, TSERL, Hyd 22/03/2017 I,II,III,I V 120
9. One Day seminar on Your Transformation will Transform the Nation Seminar Prof.V.C.Iyer,Former Vice President, Aditya Birla Group 25/03/2017 I,II,III,I V 150

Engineering Events for 2015-16

S. No. TOPIC Type of Event Resource Person Dates Targeted Audience No. of Participants
1 Conducted a seminar on Analysis of structures Seminar Dr.M.Koti Reddy, Prof, CBIT, Hyd. 18/08/15 III,IV 50
2 Non Destructive Testing for Condition Assessment of Concrete Structures Guest Lecture Dr.S.Bhasker, SERC, Chennai. 23/01/16 III,IV 45
3 Inauguration of VIHE Branch and Keynote Address Seminar Sri Swamy Bhodhamayamanda J.I,Director, VIHE, R.K.Matt 22/02/16 I,II,III,IV 120
4 STAAD PRO Workshop in Association with IIT Bhubaneswar WorkShop E.R.Pradeep Resource person from IIT,Chennai 26/02/16 & 27/02/16 III,IV 34
5 One day Guest Lecture on Ground Water Improvement for Onshore Terminal near Kakinada Port Guest Lecture Dr.D.Babu Rao, Professor & Head, C.E.D, Osmania University. 15/03/16 III,IV 40
6 Seminar on E-TAB Software and its Application Seminar Er.Syed Abdul Majid Imarat Consultancy Services,Hyd 22/01/16 III,IV 30
7 Water Day Celebrations Conservation of Musi River Guest Lecture Prof. R.C Reddy, MVSR 22/03/16 II,III,IV 150
8 “White Topping as a Rehabilitation Method for Bituminous Pavement” Seminar Dr.B.Sridhar, Professor, Vasavi College of Engineering. 15/04/16 IV 30