Role of key functionaries at the IIC Institute


  • Holds an important position and is in contact with MHRD Innovation Cell.
  • Responsible to ensure a decent performance of IIC and will respond to all the communication from IIC National Coordination Team (MHRD Innovation Cell).
  • Bearer of the IIC portal Login ID and will be the custodian of IIC portal login and data/ reports uploaded therein.

Vice President

  • Takes the role of building and strengthening the in-house mentor pool and human resource capacity to drive campus Innovation and Entrepreneurship activities.
  • Augment infrastructure support and facilities to encourage innovation and enabling environment of easy access to resources within and outside the institute.
  • Strengthen the intra and interinstitutional partnership and collaboration with ecosystem at different levels and creation of new program interventions.


  • Work in close coordination with the IIC President and will provide assistance wherever needed for the smooth conduct of activities.
  • Ensure the participation in the meeting and will prepare the meeting agenda at least 10 days prior, taking valuable inputs from all the council members and President.
  • Documentation and maintenance of the proceedings like photographs and minutes of the meetings.
  • Ensure that the internal examination dates would not clash with the IIC activities by ably coordinating with all the departments.
  • Collect ideas from all the members of the council at regular intervals, especially external members for better planning of IIC activities and effective delivery of results.

Social Media Coordinator

  • Create and manage the IIC page/account on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and other relevant social media platforms.
  • Post all the relevant information about the council meeting resolution and action plan, IIC activities and follow/tag MIC/IIC page and posts on these platforms.
  • Make sure that all the students follow MIC/IIC page/account on social media to get first-hand information.
  • Upload meeting videos in the Institution YouTube Channel and share the link with competent authorities.

Start-up Activity Coordinator

  • Identifying and guiding potential/early-stage entrepreneurs, student innovators at the Institute on a regular basis.
  • Build an important group of motivated students and faculty members with a creative potential, Entrepreneurial orientation and skillset.
  • Encourage faculty members and students to pursue research studies related to Entrepreneurship.

IPR Activity Coordinator

  • Organize events on IPR related activities as per IIC calendar and plan awareness programmes on a regular basis.
  • Coordinate with IPR Cell to generate revenue from patents, copyrights, trade secrets and others.
  • Commercialize innovations through technology transfer, technology licensing and Start-ups, etc.


  • Ensure the Institution’s Innovation Council’s logo and the words “in association with Institution’s Innovation Council, Ministry of Education (MoE), Govt. of India”, is included in the brochure without fail for all the academic activities of their respective departments like webinars, seminars and workshops related to Industry Interaction, Start-up, Entrepreneurship, Research and Innovation/Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs).
  • Establish Innovation Clubs for students with all the facilities and equipment needed for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I & E) activities in their respective departments.
  • Develop an Innovative and Entrepreneurial mindset through a series of activities like workshops, awareness, market outreach events, orientation, advocacy meetings, campus hackathons and networking events (Intra and Interinstitutional, enablers, stakeholders).
  • Develop short term certificate courses on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Persuade departments to offer Major or Minor Specializations or credit courses related to Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I & E) and IPR.
  • Organize entrepreneurial skill development/employment generating programmes for external participants (local residents, community members, alumni etc.)
  • Procure grants from Government and Non-Govt. Bodies towards promoting and supporting innovations.