Industry-Institution Partnership Cell (IIPC)

The objective of the IIP Cell is to reduce the gap between industry expectations (practice) and academic offerings (theory) by direct involvement of industry to attain a symbiosis.

All the Stakeholders, namely: Institutions, Industry, Students and Society stand to gain as it can be a win-win partnership. The Institutions stand to gain by way of up to date curricula, source of revenue generation by consultancy and R & D, source of manpower for employment, societal relevance, and most importantly acquisition of brand name/equity; industry stands to gain by way of availability of employable manpower pool, and increased productivity; faculty stand to gain by way of exposure to latest industry practices for more effective teaching-learning processes, etc; students stand to gain by way of hands-on training, reduction of learning curve in industrial practices; and, society stands to gain by way of improved quality of goods and services.

Industry-Institution Partnership Cell (IIPC) of the college is constituted with the following members.


S. No. Position Designation Name of the Staff Contact No.
1 Chairman Principal Dr. D. Hanumantha Rao 9703230136
2 Coordinator Professor & Head-S&H Dr. T. Shekaram 9505699090
3 Coordinator Professor -ECE Dr. P. Hara Gopal Mani 9440363856
4 Coordinator Professor & Head-EEE Dr. Ravindranath 9866175990
5 Coordinator Professor & Head-Civil Dr. G. Manohar 9490437644
6 Coordinator Professor -CSE Prof. G. Veereshalingam 9703017687
7 Member Assoc. Prof., CIV S. Venkata Chary 9703618736
8 Member Asst. Prof., CSE K. Sunil Manohar Reddy 9866482481
9 Member Asst. Prof., ECE Dr R Prakash Rao 9010150043
10 Member Asst. Prof., EEE Mr. M. V. Subrahmanyam 9866903720
11 Member Asst. Prof., MECH M. Krishna 9866558214
12 Member Asst. Prof., S&H T. Vishnu 9676172776