Dr. N. Santhi Sree

Associate Professor
EMP ID : 10021

Dr. N. Santhi Sree

Associate Professor

Qualification: M.Tech, Ph.D

Specialization: Thermal Engineering


  • Experience in yearsTeaching 12 years & Industry 5 Years
  • Seminar Presented6
  • Seminars or W/S Attended15
  • Professional bodySAE, ISTE, FIE
  • W/s or Seminars Organized10
  • Orientation /Refresher programs attended6
  • Research Interests Thermodynamics, Thermal Engineering , IC Engines, Heat Transfer, Multi Phase Heat Transfer, CFD
  • M.Tech guided2
  • PhD Supervisor at-
  • Other Information
  • ConsultancyFabrication and Experimental Analysis of active inclined Stepped Solar Still (Arduino Programmed) with Thermal Energy Storage


S. No Department Academic Year Title of Publication Link of Paper Publication (Journal Link)
1 Mechanical 2023-24 Experimental Analysis of Closed Loop Pulsating HeatPipe Working with Water Based Nanofluid at Different Concentrations  Click Here
2 Mechanical 2022-23 Taguchi: Factors Influencing NOX Emissions From A Diesel Engine Fuelled With Crude Rice Bran Oil Methyl Ester Blend  Click Here
3 Mechanical 2022-23 Experimental Study of Liquid Quench Media Cooling Performance by the Effect of Heat Transfer characteristics  Click Here
4 Mechanical 2022-23 Performance Analysis of CLPHP Using L9 Orthogonal Array  Click Here
5 Mechanical 2020-21 Modelling of Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe by using Artificial Neural Networks. Click Here
6 Mechanical 2019-20 Flow Visualization of Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe-CFD Analysis Click Here
7 Mechanical 2019-20 Analysis of CLPHP Using Optimization   Techniques Click Here
8 Mechanical 2019-20 Experimental Analysis Of Multi Turn Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe–Impact Of Fill Ratio Click Here
9 Mechanical 2019-20 Effect of Ethanol Based Mixtures on the Performance of CLPHP–Experimental Approach Click Here
10 Mechanical 2018-19 Experimental analysis of 2 closed loop pulsating heat  pipe with binary mixtures Click Here
11 Mechanical 2018-19 Experimental Analysis of Closed Loop Pulsating Heat pipe with Different Working fluids at Different inclinations Click Here
12 Mechanical 2018-19 Experimental Analysis of Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe with Water Based Working Fluids Click Here
13 Mechanical 2017-18 Design & Experimental Analysis of Multi Turn PHP Click Here
14 Mechanical 2017-18 Thermal analysis of Pulsating Heat Pipe Click Here