Dr. M. V. Kishore

Professor & HOD
EMP ID : 10002

Dr. M. V. Kishore

Professor & Head of the Department

Qualification: B.E, M.S, Ph.D, FIE, C.Eng

Specialization:Mechanical Engineering


  • Experience in yearsTeaching:15; Industry:12
  • Seminar Presented2
  • Seminars or W/S Attended15
  • Professional bodyISC, FIE
  • W/s or Seminars Organized4
  • Orientation /Refresher programs attended10
  • Research InterestsCAD/CAM, Semisolid Metal Processing
  • M.Tech guided6
  • PhD Supervisor at-
  • Other InformationNo of Conferences Attended: International: 01, National:02
  • Consultancy-


S. No Department Academic Year Title of Publication Link of Paper Publication (Journal Link)
1 Mechanical 2018-19 Prediction Of Fluidity Parameter In Thixoforming Process For Aluminum Alloy Using Fuzzy Logic Approach Click Here
2 Mechanical 2017-18 An Experimental Study On The Mechanical Properties Of Thixoformed Components In Aluminum Alloys Click Here
3 Mechanical 2016-17 Effect of mechanical stirring on the preparation of billet for A 356 alloy in semisolid metal processing Click Here
4 Mechanical 2016-17 Development of a mathematical model to study fluidity in Thixofoming using Fuzzy logic approach Click Here
5 Mechanical 2016-17 An experimental study on the wear behaviour of thixoformed components in aluminium alloys Click Here
6 Mechanical 2015-16 Experimental Study on the Effect of Mechanical Stirring in Semisolid Processing of Aluminum Alloys at Thixo-Temperatures Click Here