Dr. M. Ramesh

Assistant Professor in Mathematics

Dr. M. Ramesh

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M. Sc (Mathematics), M. Sc (Statistics) TS-SET, PhD

Specialization: Statistics


  • Experience in years20
  • Seminar Presented3
  • Seminars or W/S Attended20
  • Professional bodyISCA , APTSMS
  • W/s or Seminars Organized-
  • Orientation /Refresher programs attended5
  • Research InterestsOperations Reasearch
  • PhD Supervisor at-
  • Other Information
  • Consultancy-


S. No. Department AY Title of Publication Link of Paper Publication (Journal Link)
1 S&H 2019-20 Optimization Of University Resources Management Through Goal Programming http://journalijcar.org/issues/optimization-university-resources-management-through-goal-programming
2 S&H 2017-18 Optimal Solution Of Linear Programming Problems With Fuzzy Variables http://ijcrt.org/viewfull.php?&p_id=IJCRTNTSE077
3 S&H 2016-17 Goal Programming Modal For Optimal Bank Investing Planning http://ijsiet.org/content.htm
4 S&H 2016-17 Fuzzu Goal Programming Modal For Generating Evaluating Alternatives Requirement Analysis http://ijsiet.org/issue2017vol4.html
5 S&H 2015-16 Capital Budgeting Decision – A Fuzzy Goal Programming Approach http://www.ijitr.com/index.php/ojs/article/view/1862/pdf
  • 5