In April 2020 in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Coursera along with its partners decided to take student learning online by providing free access to Coursera for Campus for any impacted college or university.  Coursera’s mission is to transform lives through learning. To help minimize the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak on students, the Coursera community launched a global effort to assist universities and colleges to deliver courseware online. What is included in the program:

➢ Access to 3,800 courses, 400 Specializations, 270 Guided Projects
➢ Up to 5,000 licenses for enrolled students at impacted organization
➢ Institutions may enroll students through November 30, 2020
➢ Enterprise-level admin tools, analytics, and online support resources

These courses are provided by many of the leading universities and companies of the world.

➢ This opportunity was utilized by Matrusri Engineering College to further enhance their students and faculty learning.
➢ Till now all the faculty members are enrolled and they are upgrading their skills as per the new trends in Industry and Academia.
➢ Students are also enrolled and they too are learning from these courses.
➢ In addition to the regular courses, students are also encouraged to look into the basics of multidisciplinary subjects which would be helpful to them in their all-round development.
➢ From April till now the students have enrolled and earned their certificates in many of the courses of various domains.
➢ They have also taken part in guided projects which is a new addition to Coursera, wherein they are doing the project alongside with the instructor.
➢ Overall this has been a good learning experience and a rich exposure to the new Industry and Academia standards, which will soon be the new way of Living and working in post Covid-19 scenario.

Coursera Usage Report (A.Y. 2021-2022)

No of Members Enrolled

Total unique Learners

No of Unique Courses

Total Course Completions

Total Unique Course Completers






Coursera Usage Report (A.Y. 2020-2021)

For the A.Y 20219-2020  the college has  procured Coursera 4 Campus Licences for the students & Faculty to continue their learning through Coursera.

  • Learners Joined till date December 2020 : 748
  • Enrollments till date : 3440.
  • No of Unique courses: 614.
  • Total Course Completions : 978.
  • Total Unique Course Completers : 268.

Coursera Usage Report 

After December 2020 the college has  procured 300 Licenses for the students to continue their learning through Coursera. These 300 Licenses are provided to 2nd and 3rd year students.

Faculty Uncharged Department-Wise
Faculty Incharges Branch/Section wise Faculty Name Mobile ( Whatsapp) Official Email (College domain)
CSE – Second Year Incharge   Mrs. K. Bhagya Laxmi 8639084213
CSE – Third Year Incharge   Mrs. M. Swapna 8328652296
IT – Section Incharge   Mrs. T. Aruna Jyothi 9966008891
ECE – Second Year charge   Mrs.  P. Sravani 9703631399
ECE – Third Year Incharge   Mrs. A. Narmada 8179073924
EEE – Section Incharge   Mr. P. Kishore 9948679953
Civil – Section Incharge   Mrs. M. Pratibha 9247179299
Mech – Section Incharge Mr C Venkateshwar Reddy 9848024848


Information on Students Section Wise & Department Wise
II Yr DATA III yr Data
Department Section Total Department Section Total
Civil A,B 15 Civil A 25
Mech A 9 Mech A 31
CSE A,B,C 46 CSE A,B 40
ECE A,B 30 ECE A,B 52
EEE A 10 EEE A 25
IT A 17  


Mrs. Vrushali Kamalakar
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Civil Engineering