Matrusri Developers Space Club

“Matrusri Developer’s Space” has been established by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering as part of the skill development programme as per the current industry demands on 3.02.2020. We aim to learn and develop skills in various aspects of programming and hardware and become aware of the technological advancements in various spheres of computer science engineering.

Club events plan

  • Workshops on trending technologies .
  • At least 2 Seminars every month.
  • Alumni interactions for getting real life accounts of the software world.
  • Handling some real life projects.







Events Under Matrusri Developer’s Space Club

S.No. Academic Year Event Date One Page Report
1 2020-21 Webinar on “A route to Software Product Development” 19.12.2020  One Page Report
2 2020-21 Webinar on “Artificial Intelligence – a modern approach” 10.9.2020 webinar in AI ( ENgineers Day) onepage report
3 2020-21 Project Mela 11.9.2020 project mela ( ENgineers Day) onepage report
4 2020-21 Alumini Retrace 12.9.2020 Alumini retrace ( ENgineers Day) onepage report
5 2020-21 Webinar on “Speech2Tweet API Integration” 19.7.2020 speech to tweet onepage report
6 2020-21 Webinar on “PUBG DataAnalytics” 22.7.2020 PUBG DataAanlytics one page report
7 2019-20 Event on “Android App Development” 19.2.2020 Android app development onepage report
8 2019-20 Event on “Buyers Guide to PC Harware” 4.3.2020 buyers guide to PC hardware onepage report
9 2019-20 One Day Workshop on “Data Visualization and 3D graphs using Python Programming” 3.2.2020 report on python workshon 3.2.2020