Mentor -Mentee Program under Institution Innovation Council, MoE’ s Innovation Cell, AICTE

Matrusri Engineering College with IIC ID (IC201912533) is funded with Mentor- Mentee Program by Institutions Innovation Council, MoE’ s Innovation Cell, AICTE. The main objective of Mentor-Mentee scheme for IIC institutions is to engage high performing IIC institutions specially those have secured star rating of 3.5 and above during the previous IIC calendar year to act as mentor to the IIC institutions those are need of guidance and support. This twining program will help IIC institutions to facilitate knowledge exchange and resource mobilization between institutions by offering inter-institutional collaborations. The scheme is designed to twin one mentor IIC institute with up to 5 mentee IIC institutes. The minimum requirement for an institute to nominate as mentor institute is, the IIC Institution must have secured at least 3.5 Star and above during the previous IIC Calendar year. An amount of 2,25,000(Two lakhs Twenty-Five Thousand Only) is being Grant-in-Aid under the Mentor-Mentee Program for the current financial year 2023-2024 for the implementation during IIC calendar year.

Details of Mentee Institutes
1. Indian Institute of management and Commerce,Telangana
2. Vijaya Rural Engineering college,Telangana
3. Rajeev Gandhi Memorial College of engineering, Andhra Pradesh
4. A V College of Arts, Sciences & Commerce,Telangana
5. Raghavendra Instittute of Pharmaceutical Education research,AndhraPradesh