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Address: 16-1-486,Saidabad,Hyderabad-500059

Entrepreneur Development Cell


Entrepreneur Development Cell

ED Cell objective

    • To inculcate the entrepreneurial culture into student minds.
    • To liaison with departments like MSME, NSIC, DIC to promote Entrepreneurship
    • To act as knowledge centre for Entrepreneurship.
    • To prepare the platform for the students to take up the entrepreneurship as a career.
    • To train, guide, motivate and encourage the engineering students towards another avenue called entrepreneurship
    • To disseminate knowledge of entrepreneurship development
    • To create environment for innovation, self-employment, incubation and entrepreneur development through conducting seminars & workshops.
    • To establish a platform for effective interactions among existing and budding entrepreneurs.
    • To give requisite inputs for starting a successful venture like technical know-how, acquiring financial assistance, licensing.